Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rude delegation?

A rude? delegation

Ben Burd has posted a public presentation by the Cobourg Horticultural Club to Cobourg council last Monday night where an emotional and testy exchange between the presenters and councillors.
This is an excellent example of the horrendous state of local politics. The politicians overreact and end up marginalizing a group of volunteers in the community. Councillor Bill MacDonald should resign because of his behaviour, acting like a tyrant. If anyone is rude, he is. What is even more terrible is Mayor Peter Delanty's absolute abysmal handling of the situation. He barely looks at them when he is addressing them and does not even apologize for council's behaviour.
And, nobody admits the faux pas of not consulting this important volunteer group. Shame on council. Shame on MacDonald. Shame on Spooner. Double shame on Delanty.


Blogger Shane said...

Cobourg politics...after all these years.
Having lived in the Cobourg area for a few years, and nearly twenty ago at that, this treatment by council certainly validates all of the perjorative views and impressions I had come to gather on the subject of this town. I have never for a moment, regretted leaving..indeed I try to ensure I never have to stop for fuel there when travelling on the 401.
Infact, if there were but one candidate along the Southern shore of Lake Ontario that had proven itself worthy of a fault line that might someday grow restless, it would be Cobourg. While I would not wish it's inhabitants any direct harm, it would be better, I think, if there were a diaspora of sorts, and the inhabitants simply moved as far away from that town and each other, as might be possible. The subsequent immersion at about 25 meter mark South of the 401 highway and the considerable lake encroachment that resulted would be a testament to all East and Westbound traffic. A epitaph could be erected offering insight from both directions..."Here lies Cobourg - it was the best and the worst of small town Ontario..but alas the worst did overcome..and severely angered the Lord."

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