Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shelter Valley Folk Festival

Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Grafton, Ontario. August 31 - September 2, 2007
This community event is a must see for anyone interested in this kind of music. But, what makes this particularly special is how it has grown from very humble beginnings into a major musical force, not just around West Northumberland, but across Ontario and Canada.

This is due in a large part to the dedication and hard work of many individuals. Certainly, artistic director Aengus Finnan deserve a huge amount of credit, but also the countless volunteers and the board of directors, who spend all year working toward growing and nurturing this fine musical concert.

It used to be many of the community events were like this. The Waterfront Festival in Cobourg, the AppleFest in Brighton, the Long Lunch in Warkworth, and the fall fairs etc. Many continue to work on this basis, but some commercialization is creeping in. This year's Waterfront Festival was not very good. The booths are no longer filled with artisans. Victoria Park is turned into a flea market. Ribfest is another example. While it was a fabulous fundraiser and people enjoyed the food, it seemed to lack a genuineness. It was commercial, not community oriented.

That is certainly not the case for the festival.

The web site has all the information needed.


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